writing contests for teenagers

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Planning, drafting, proof reading, communication, i am sure you can think of more!
Winners in these divisions will receive 500 for arts programs at their schools.Ages: 19 or younger Submission period : Fall.The Princeton University Poetry Contest recognizes outstanding best odds for scratch off tickets nc work by student writers in the 11th grade. .Princeton University Poetry Contest for High School Students.Grades: 9-12 Submission period: November to January.Teenagers: Writing: Visualization, students often start writing a narrative before planning where it is going, This activity encourages them to see the entire sequence of events before starting writing.Grades: 11, deadline: Fall.There are many skills involved in producing good compositions.Ocean Awareness Student Contest, the theme is Making Meaning out of Ocean Pollution, and it challenges you to research, explore, interpret, and say something meaningful about the connections between human activities and the health of our oceans.Matura: Writing: World of Work, in this lesson focusing on writing emails, students learn to spot differences between formal and informal emails, and pick up useful phrases in an interview exercise.Grades: 9 Submission Period: To be announced. There is no entry deadline; submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.We publish work in many styles that range from traditional to modern.Grades: 10-11 Deadline: November.The contest awards prizes for the best poems submitted by young women who are sophomores or juniors in high school or preparatory school.Deadline: Fall If you need help turning that book idea into a real manuscript, there is no better book than Go Teen Writers.No residence eligibility requirements are stated.It began as a local contest in 1995, and since then has expanded into a national competition that has received tens of thousands of submissions from students across the country.Grades: 6-12 OR Ages: 11-18 Deadline : October.Ages : 18 or younger Deadline: January.