wizard101 contests 2017

There are some interesting easter eggs in Marleybone!
Make a cake, craft a birthday card, raffle, etc etc.
What youll get is a little secret.July 26, 2017 by, alex Thunderstaff 3 Comments, dont you just love when wizard101 and pirate101 interact with each other in some way?25k Crowns is on the line!Your request was blocked because you appear to be accessing this website from a hosting provider network, proxy server, or VPN server.The Wizard101 logo is a registered trademark of Kingsisle Entertainment, Inc arrow_upward.What if teachers had their own class mascot?We want to see something original!Breaking this rule will result lilly pulitzer discount for employees in the removal of the participant and disqualification from all events we have scheduled for the day.But then, I had a strange thought one day and I thought, why not make a contest about that because I am honestly curious what you all think!Many Images are Copyright 2017 by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.You are here: Home / Archives for Contests, november 28, 2017 by, dawny Pumpkin 10 Comments.You can look forward to the chance to bust out all of your favorite gear and wow the judges at this years Christmas fashion contest!You can join us for that too!One thing we know for sure already is that we definitely want to do a fashion contest again.Check back here later for the additional information!M is protected by BlockScript.BlockScript is security software which protects websites and empowers webmasters to stop unwanted traffic.If for some reason the realm is full, we will have additional port buses on realm lincoln to move you to the correct realm.Alex, alongside other Duelist101 staff members will supervise the live stream chat AND hand out codes for anyone to redeem!We will be hosting 5 games of Wildfire Tag in the Empyrean Castaways Bungalow, and every winner from each game will get something extra other than the satisfaction of being the winner.