where is my tax rebate check

Remember, this year's rebate checks will average about 350 for each qualified homeowner.
The star rebates can be sizable: Basic star last year averaged 750 a michigan energy rebates 2017 household, and it was about 1,400 for seniors getting Enhanced star.Here's how it will all work: NY will pay you interest if star check is late.Also, a child-care credit for residents earning between 60,000 and 150,000 will increase starting in January, doubling it from an average of 169 to 376, according to Cuomo's office.The percentage back gets less the more you make: A household between 75,000 and 150,000 will get a check for.5 percent of their star break, and the percentage drops.5 percent for those earning between 200,000 and 275,000.The checks started going out earlier this month, and more than 34,600 have already been mailed out, the state Department of Taxation and Finance said Friday.Onondaga County and the school district stayed under the cap.That's not the only tax break that expired: The Family Tax Relief Credit is done.But it ended with great online deals today this year's tax filings for 2016.In Upstate, that average property tax freeze rebate check is supposed to be 200.That's because the town of Cicero blew its property tax cap.This year, it's much different and aims to address target homeowners with the most need.What else can shrink a homeowner's rebate check?That's why we compiled data from the state's comptroller and budget office.About 38,000 of the roughly 120,000 star checks are already out, and the rest will be moving in advance of the school bills due, the tax department said.Second, your local governments and school district must stay under the state's property tax cap.Last winter, my check arrived in January.Last year, the program started as a flat amount: 185 for upstate residents and 130 downstate, which was defined as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority region.
The tax department said it has improved its system, is working more cooperatively with local assessors and is confident all the checks will be sent out on time.
"What they actually need to do is develop a program that ties your property-tax burden to your income level in a realistic way - so you never pay more than a certain percentage of your income in property taxes Deutsch said.