when to contest a ticket

We'll help you determine whether a fight is worth itand if so, how to go about handling your ticket.
The statement of offence gives you instructions on how to respond.
If the officer is nervous about his case against you, he might let you off.Ive gotten about thirty speeding tickets in my short life, but I have zero tickets on my record.What should I do when I get to court?This is not the time to repeat your testimony.What are closing arguments?The official legal term for a ticket is a statement of offence.Although that alternative wasnt accepted, the officer was pretty surprised at my tenacity, and it motivated him to let me off the hook.Forget everything youve learned about courtrooms and lawyers and cops, and just go in there as a human being.Show up to your first court date and plead anything but guilty.I have heard of one case where the case was continued so long that the ticketing officer had transferred.You might ask, When was the last time your radar gun was calibrated?Examples include swerving the yellow lines to avoid hitting another car, pedestrian, or object, or speeding up in the fast lane" because another driver was tailgating you and you needed room to move to a slower lane of traffic.Or Where were you when you clocked my speed?When questioning your witness, be aware that the prosecutor can object if you formulate best credit card cashback singapore your question with the answer already.Many officers will never speak to you until after theyve done the basics.Even if you are not obliged to, your testimony is often necessary since you are the best person to explain your version of events to the judge.Guilty, not guilty, or some other punishment.So read on, non-meth-heads.
At best this will slightly reduce your fine.
Note that, as a general rule, he can only talk about what he personally experienced.