what to expect after a membrane sweep

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Conduction of the spike into the T tubules is probably an active process as elsewhere on the membrane, and it is the hypopolarization of the T tubule that leads to contraction.Your midwife can go through your options with you and help you write the plan if you want.Summary Under normal circumstances, contraction of skeletal muscle is initiated by action potentials in motoneurons which arrive at the neuromuscular junction and cause the release of acetylcholine from their terminals.On the other hand, the actions of certain agents like norepinephrine or circulating hormones include increasing Vmax or contractility of cardiac muscle.New York, McGraw-Hill, 1970) A second stimulus, applied before the muscle has completely relaxed, induces another contraction that adds to the first, the sum of the tensions being greater than that of a single twitch.Between these two extremes, the velocity of shortening decreases as the load increases.When the Purkinje fiber membrane repolarizes, it returns to the maximum negative diastolic membrane potential, Vd, where membrane current is zero, im0, but it stays there only for an instant before the membrane begins to hypopolarize again.The smooth muscles are important as linings of the gastrointestinal tract that churn and propel food through the tract, as linings of blood vessels that control their diameters and thus flow through them, as valves that control the passage of gases and fluids in the.Length-tension relation When a resting skeletal muscle is stretched from its resting length,.e., its length at rest in the body, the parallel elastic elements are stretched and tension increases along the blue curve (A) in Figure 14-15.Organization of the sarcomeres.Cardiac muscle behaves much like skeletal muscle, but it exerts a passive tension when stretched at much shorter lengths.
Sliding filament model Fig.