voucher printer for pfsense

You dont have to be physically in the exchange student video contest location where the codes can be used.
Here is the code:!doctype html html head meta charset"UTF-8" title Vouchers DSA /title /head body?php function gera_form?
I just finished comed rebate status writing a simple php page to do that.
Unlike other similar cloud-based solutions, NO computer IS required to print out voucher codes.You can even print out codes which can work in any of your locations.I am not sure where these vouchers went but I could either expire them all or just print them again.This means that: You dont need to have a dedicated hotspot gateway solution which has its own thermal printer.After picked by the page, it will be updated into '0' meaning used.We are planning to ship in April.Status: Captive portal: Voucher Rolls: Zone.You can pre-order the printer now for 200 USD, which includes shipping.How much does it cost?Final price can be a bit higher.Insert into usuarios(ip_maquina, departamento) values 'Cyber Cafe.: The field names are in portuguese.Printable vouchers with design for PFsense captive portal currently I've created a bash script that takes the csv file, voucher design and it creates 10 vouchers/page PDF file ready to print.Note: Applied on.2.4 release.