vat on gift vouchers for employees

The overriding condition being that they are an incentive or reward for good performance and which is open to all staff (including directors) who meet the criteria of your particular reward scheme.
As a substantial chunk of the bonus is deducted for employees tax, employees often wish to re-structure the salary package in order to change the nature of the bonus payment to a tax-free or partially taxed value, such as subsistence allowance.
If you want to provide the perk in goods, then you have to pay back the VAT that you claimed on the cost of buying the goods as output VAT.
Dont provide vouchers to staff as these are treated as money by the VATman and so you will not have any VAT to reclaim.The employer is also required to disclose such fringe benefits in the IRP5 employees tax certificate.A spouse, make a nominal charge for the meal to the non-employee in order to get the VAT back on the whole meal.This time of year its customary for employers to pay bonuses, at least it was before the economic downturn, unless its a term of employment that the employee would be entitled to a 13th cheque.But you could be missing out on quite a lot of VAT if you do this.How can you structure it in a VAT-efficient way?The VAT principle is the same as taking the whole department out.Other than the occasional lunch or party, such as a year-end function, or long service awards, as prescribed, the employer should be considering the tax liability of the gifts or benefits given to the employees.During the year the extent of this was the subject of a binding ruling, which confirmed that tips given by patrons at their own discretion is not included in the definition of remuneration for purposes of deduction employees tax or disclosure in IRP5 employees tax.The gift or award may be a trip to a spa and not necessarily a voucher or tangible gift.Services would include providing tickets to the opera, theatre or even the cinema.Often employers fail to properly identify taxable fringe benefits and remuneration.These say that you dont have to account for VAT where the value of the gifts to the same person doesnt exceed 50 in the course of a year.However, there is an alternative way you can reward your employees thats entirely VAT-free.The S4B Team, pin.Salary sacrifices are not automatically illegal, as a taxpayer is entitled to structure his/her affairs so as to pay the least amount of tax.What happens промо код h&m if you want to reward only one specific member of staff?The definition of remuneration is sufficiently broad to include even tips paid to staff.However, you can get round this by providing the perk as a service rather than goods as there are no monetary limits for services.Specific Member of Staff, favouritism?