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I have definitely got fitter and am in better shape, but it could be more as a result of the improved workout routine.
By, matt Whetton on in, productivity, Tools 17, flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 StumbleUpon 2 Google 0 LinkedIn 15 17, flares, after being inspired by the sitting is killing you infographic and having occasional back problems, I decided to purchase a varidesk pro.
Once it was unpackaged it was just a case of placing on the desk, bath and body works store coupon code putting my monitors on it and getting started.Overall a 9/10 for build quality.I highly recommend the varidesk pro, and would give it a 9/10 overall.For working standing up the varidesk is excellent.5/10.Aside from all the research around these things I have felt better health wise since doing this, and will continue to work like this whenever I can.About Matt Whetton.NET, Web and Android Programmer, writer of m, trying to make a startup.I looked at a few options: Standard desk with a stand : I did consider just a standard desk and using a stand now and again.Please understand that any recommendations I made for companies/products that I have experience with, and I recommend them because the are helpful and useful.I thought Id cover 2 things in this article, both my experience with adopting a sitting/standing routine, and also what I feel about the varidesk pro.In honesty when I first realised this I thought it would be very annoying, but I dont notice it on a day to day basis.Being totally honest, its really hard to tell whether adopting this routine is burning any extra calories mainly because I seem to have been working out more consistently since doing.Luckily my 2 monitors have adjustable heights so this isnt a problem, but its definitely something worth thinking about before investing.One thing worth noting here is that your monitor height needs to change when moving between standing and sitting positions.It has good reviews.If youre thinking of buying a Varidesk product in the UK, Ive managed to negotiate free shipping for all my readers.
Why Bother, when I set-out on this experiment, I really wasnt sure whether it was even practical to work standing up Ive worked sitting down for years, generally slumped lazily in a chair.
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