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Some else takes advantage of that.
I can bet that no one at Bungie got sleep last night as they scour code and logs to try and find the issue behind this.
It's not even mildly surprising.Posted on Oct 25th 2017, 9:33 Reply #10 StrayKAT Rehmanpa said: I'd say it's worse than bad design, it's basically illegal.Seems like Bungie went overboard on this anticheat - the game barely came out and there are gymboree coupon online code probably no aimbots or other hacks for this game yet.Be interesting to see if I am banned when I get home from work.Posted on Oct 25th 2017, 9:09 Reply #6 wiak bungie bans overlays, they forgot that everyone has one kind of overlay, steam has one BY default, AMD Relive has it on by default, Geforce ShadowPlay has it by default, Xbox DVR which is built into.They said no overlays will work or allowed.In some cases, users are banned even before entering the character dr pepper avengers contest creation screen; some more fortunate ones can even get to thew first three minutes of the intro video.This seems to be in line with Bungies' terms and conditions on PC overlay support, but nevertheless, hasn't stopped many, many users from calling that claim an outright lie.But I mean tech wise, this was stupidly shortsighted.If they are really serious about it, they should have the game not Launch if illegal applications are detected, not permaban accounts if a detection of illegal applications occur.They're not even trying to be sensible.You dont say "We will NOT be discussing or unbanning banned players" because that is a great way to get your community from 0-100 pissed off and see your sales plummet, and does not indicate any investigation whatsoever, but rather a horribly ignorant AAA mindset.They program the system and let it run, or program in a certain set of parameters such as stolen game keys.
Reply #4, rehmanpa, strayKAT said: I think overboard is an understatement.