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T4 Keys have turned into Axi Era Relics.Added a PBR pass on materials for a variety of older Grineer and Infested levels.Lith / Meso / Neo / Axi: 4 Distinct cheap air max shoes Eras of the american apparel student discount nus Orokin past, all suddenly manifesting through Void Fissures in the Solar Map.Fixed Scanner reticles not showing progress of the current scan.Swipe - Strikes additional enemies and gains increased range.The Warframe Market got a facelift!Fixed an issue with Kubrow Revive elements remaining on the HUD despite the owner and Kubrow being dead.Before players could prematurely double jump when just about to fall off a ledge, when falling off a small edge, or when walking down a steep incline.Below are the rules that we have adhered by to offer a consistent avenue for players to strategize against foes in-battle.Fixed a rare case of Mods not activating for Clients upon loading into a mission.Fixed chat lines not refreshing properly after chat text size has been changed.Abilities that exist independent of their creator will not be deactivated if the Warframe enters a nullifier, but will be destroyed if touched by the bubble itself.Fixed Ivaras Navigator not deactivating when inside Mags Magnetize bubble.Fixed a crash related to hosts aborting Jordas Precept Quest sessions.Fixed Passives disappearing when switching between About and Build tabs.Void Key Pack from the Market and Daily Tribute has changed to Relic Pack.Popular Products Services, get Offer, sAVE.Fixed an issue with Disruptor Drones in the Law of Retribution not properly registering hitscan weapon fire.Fixed a possible issue with mouse-cursor accuracy on certain screens.