swiffer sweeper vac reviews

And, of course, it's simple to use: just attach the health insurance rebates 2013 Swiffer dry cloth to the sweeper head, then use the vacuum.
However, the sweepable surfaces in my home are few and small so I dont imagine I will have to do this periodically.Swiffer dry cloths pick spirit airlines promo code 2015 october up dirt, dust smaller particles.Led light provides clear battery life signal, red to green.The vacuum part is too weak to pick up anything smaller than a crumb or a few pet hairs, which is about the same result as using just the.Includes 1 Rechargeable vacuum sweeper, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Replaceable filter, 2 swiffer sweeper refills.I think that the charging is probably my biggest problem with this.Product description, cordless/rechargeable vacuum sucks up large particles.Usually it lasts about 3 days).Filter helps prevent dust from escaping and large particles from damaging the vacuum.Still, I have used this product 3 or 4 times already on the first charge.Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.I would buy a new one every 3-6 months because I quickly grew tired/frustrated with them.You will need to replace the Swiffer cloths (2 come with the original kit) as well as the filters periodically.Like the original Swiffer, the clothes pick up those minute particles but use of static.I let the vac run out of juice before I recharge.Sat, November 15 2008, so far, I have been really impressed with.Used new (2) from.04 free shipping.While this sounds great in theory, in practice it does not work well.Swiffer Sweeper Vac doesn't require any bags; its dirt container can be removed with the push of a button to easily dispose of debris.The vacuum which flips out of the way so you can apply the Swiffer cloth is fairly quiet and picks up everything I had previously used the broom for like crumbs, string and kitty litter so I have to use 1 less tool to clean.Cordless/rechargeable vacuum sucks up large particles Swiffer dry cloths pick up dirt, dust smaller particles A removable collection bin so no bags are needed New improved battery life LED light provides clear battery life signal, red to green Provides steady suction throughout use, can clean.
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Swiffer Vac Sweeper about 2 years.