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This is why Euro is a partner on whom we may always rely in our PR work: this year alone, they donated ad space worth crowns.
This is why they keep setting aside not inconsiderable amounts to support time-tested charity projects.
A signed racket and t-shirt, played and worn by André Agassi at the exhibition, was donated by the organizers to a charity fundraiser for the Barriers Account, which was held on 8 June from 9:00 am on the portal of the news server.
And its owners, Petr Stuchlík and Martin Nejedl, have taught us to see banks and employers through the eyes of our clients, people afflicted with disabilities.I am never afraid to approach Martin Chalupsk and Jií Wrobel with new ideas or appeals for assistance.The tenth, anniversary, year was exceptionally successful, and we are proud of the fact that the bank s generosity allows us to use every single crown generated by the auction to support our handicapped students, and to fund our charity activities.The motif for the Christmas postcard came from Brnobased visual artist Alois Mikulka.20 March: a friendly gathering with key business partners of Globus takes place at the Ta Fantastika Theater, which includes a recital starring Lucie Bílá and Petr Malásek.The amount released to finance such projects was more than CZK, of which more than CZK are earmarked for the handicapfriendly conversion of nine schools across the country.CZK for their financing.We are very much involved in promoting the cause of full-value employment for handicapped people, and have been organizing a Job Fair on our website, with tangible success.The Barriers Account acts as patron and co-organizer.Going into the second year of partnership, our cooperation has expanded.Decided to donate it in its entirety for charitable purposes.Working commission OF THE project Gita Tuná, Martin Ková, Jaroslav turma, Boena Jirk Picture bellacor promo code Postcards and Calendars of the Barriers Account Picture Postcards and New Year s Greeting Cards 2011 marked already the sixteenth year for our successful project of foundation postcards sold for the.Artis Pictus, Milan Chabera On the day on which the winners were announced - 20 October a charity auction took place at the Prague Congress Center with artwork created by artists and celebrities who participated and painted for the Barriers Account.SweepstakesTop, new, added: 10 hours ago, expires: in 67 days, texas residents can enter to win.This is a source of pride for us, and gives us a privileged position in the Czech non-profit sector thanks to which our clients have access to licenses for Microsoft s popular software suites.For sixteen years now, the Opava-based company Model Obaly.s.
The tender was tailored specifically towards organizations whose subsidies for 2011 had been curtailed, jeopardizing the continuity in providing accredited social services.
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