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2017 Boyer completed the Lowell sweep with a career-best time of discount patagonia shoes 17:58, ahead of Valparaiso's Ava Gilliana in second (18:13).
5 : to move the eyes or an instrument through a wide curve They swept the hill for some sign of the enemy.
Dave melton, Post-Tribune, "Lowell's Alec Fleming and Jordyn Boyer win individual semistate titles 21 Oct.
The Original Ebola Hunter, abby Haglage.Another name for swipe (sense 6).to remove dust, dirt, etc., from (something) with a broom or brush : to move or pass quickly, forcefully, or smoothly sweep noun Definition of sweep for English Language Learners : an act of cleaning an area with a broom or brush :.(intransitive) to extend gracefully or majestically, esp in a wide circle: the plains sweep down to the sea.Marc hardin, m, "Scott Eagles volleyball flies to 10th Region title over Campbell County 27 Oct."range, extent 1670s, from sweep (v.).The act or an instance of sweeping; removal by or as if by a brush or broom.The book covers the entire sweep of criminal activity scope is applicable to an area of activity, predetermined and limited, but somewhat flexible.2017 These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'sweep.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.To move in a smooth or continuous manner, esp quickly or forcibly: cars swept along the road.Taking in a wide area: a sweeping glance.Range is a general term indicating the extent of one's perception or the extent of powers, capacities, or possibilities.6 : to touch a surface of quickly The musician's fingers swept the piano keys.2017 In the wake of that disclosure, Murphys current and former aides came forward to document a long history of abuse that had been swept under the rug while he was elected again and again in his heavily Republican district.Drucker, lowes promotional codes 10 off m, "Trump, Heritage, and the.O.P.s White Identity Crisis 27 Oct.Times, Sunday Times (2015)You can imagine with the hotel sweeping across opposite the pavilion side it will look terrific.Recent Examples of sweep from the Web The Rockets beat the Jaguars twice during the regular season, sweeping both matches 3-0.