street sweeper gun

Who you decide to kill is entirely your choice.
'Natural causes' is his verdict.
Find cover as soon as you enter the building, and once again pick off each of the guards one at a time.Get the car back to Brucie's garage in one piece to complete the mission.Manny is trying to "clean up the streets and he's making a video to record his struggle.Go and talk to the receptionist, and then follow her.Once they do, follow them, and once again clear the path.If you want to kill Clarence and you wish to avoid any unecessary shootouts, go back onto the road before entering the projects at the start of the mission, and use your sniper rifle to zoom in on Clarence on the second vote for the voice contestants floor.List of Shotguns The scrap values in brackets indicate the scrap price with Master Crafted (MC) items."may or may not" help Niko look for the person that betrayed him many years ago.Climb onto the objects, jump onto the ledge, shimmy across, and then climb onto the roof.Take out the cops and protect Packie and Derrick - then follow them into the alleyway and clear the path.Update 3/7/2013 (See update at the end).Head over to the projects in East Holland, and ensure that you have plenty of health and ammo before beginning.Get in the chopper and fly to the dropoff point on the south side of the airport.He has an important matter to discuss.Take your time with each shot and deal with one person at a time.Niko calls Francis after you leave the cafe to confirm that the application has been sent.Shotguns are generally designed for close quarters combat due to their spread shots, but they can also be useful at longer ranges due to the high chance to hit the enemy with at least a single pellet and the rather tight shot spread.20 (15) Credit(s) Scrap Value: 850 ( 1,700) Enhance Price: 21,000 Real Name: Stoeger Uplander The Highlander is a double barreled shotgun manufactured by Stoeger Industries.He then offers to take care of Jayvon.Soon, a helicopter arrives with backup for the last remaining union leader.
Climb down the mini cabin, find cover, and begin taking the dealers out.
Now approach the second manager who is standing by the stage, and take cover behind one of the tables in the club.