singapore gst refund handling fee

Thumbs up for pablo, i normally prefer receiving cash refund so that my whole VAT refund process is completed before I arrive home and theres no chance of any VAT refund reversal.
For example: Galeries Lafayette.
When making eligible purchases in shops that offer tax-free shopping, you will be issued with fundraising sample letters raffle prizes a pablo enabled VAT refund form.Before you arrive at the airport, its worthwhile spending time to go through your forms to make sure that they have been properly completed or that you have the correct form I was actually given the VAT form for another customer at the Karl Lagerfeld shop.Skip to content, i provide medical services to a foreign individual in Singapore.In September 2017 when I did my VAT claim at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, I noticed that they now process the VAT refund in-house.This is your copy of the VAT document.Can I zero-rate my services?The pablo machines are available at any time of the day so it doesnt matter if you have a very early morning or late night flight.The invoices must be returned with the VAT form.We always manage to find plenty of things to buy in Paris and with my stash of VAT refund forms, pablo certainly saved time.Exceptions: If your services are directly in connection with land or building located outside Singapore, you may zero-rate your services under section 21(3 e).Not all services provided to an overseas person can be zero-rated.Also make sure that your credit card number is included and that you have signed the form.Pablo is a godsend. .They didnt ask to see the goods at all.
I was provided with a Customer Copy of their Summary of Tax Refund Form.
Luckily I got there just before a Chinese group.