silent auction gift certificate sample

It's helpful to have a game or other entertainment available to keep bidders from getting bored.
And make sure that person has a cell phone and that a key person at the event has that number.
They may have bought one thing or twenty.
In cases where donating business is providing a service, such as restaurants, make sure you include their location.(One rule of thumb for minimum increase: 1 for items up to 50, 2 for 50-100, 5 for items over 100).Things You'll Need Bid sheets (can be made on a home computer) Master list of items Masking tape or packaging tape Transparent tape (for taping bid sheets to the tables) Painters tape to hang signs and silent auction items on the walls (painters tape.If your bidders are able to take their items home with them after the auction, ask them to wait while the bids are verified.If you are using the latter method, the bankers will have to search through the bid sheets for the bidders name, so it's important that the bid sheets are alphabetized.If chimney sweep cost 2014 you have many items, consider closing the tables at intervals, such as every 15 minutes.Part 3 After the Event 1 Deal with the leftover items.If you cant leave the items at the event location, you will probably have to take them home.It's the thing you want bidders to see and understand first.8 Set aside bid sheets for people who don't come to the bank.Bullet points are great because they are: Easy to read: Guests can quickly identify and scan bullet points from further away.Services such as Square offer readers that attach to tablets and smartphones.