rhino sweep 1 rail

A frame is a 3-D point and three direction vectors.
Taking the rail tangent as frame z, there is a unique 3d frame at a specific location along the rail with its mutually perpendicular x, y and z round rock discount movies coordinate directions.
Learning Rhino-Sweeping 2 Rails, learning Rhinoceros.3D -Sweeping 2 Rails.Comparing nurbs surfaces and mesh surfaces3m 18s.Note : This option is only available after you select two cross-section curves.Start my free month, overview, transcripts, exercise Files.Navigation and the Help System3.Author Dave Schultze introduces Rhino's three primary entities (the curve, the surface, and the solid) and shows the best ways to draw curves and model 3D objects, edit their geometry efficiently, and render and export your designs.Rebuild with _ control points Rebuilds the shape curve control points before creating the sweep.Shape curves reconstruct with non-rational curves, so as to enable the continuity option.Exploring the new splash screen3m.Rendering Skills Setting the stage for lighting4m 59s Understanding materials and lighting6m 32s Tweaking camera position and rendering7m 43s.Sweep1 Roadlike options calculate the way cross-sections are propagated along the rail based on the tangent direction of the rail and a fixed direction specific to the option.