raffle draw guidelines

Does your group sponsor a government discount hotels toronto fall carnival, dinner, sports tournament or other event?
For a Class A Raffle: No calendar may exceed.00 in cost for each month covered by the calendar.
For some prizes and/or audiences you may need to charge 1 or 2 a ticket.A minimum of one month selling period should be allowed.Heres a few ideas to get you started: Combine raffle ticket sales with other activities of the organization.The price of the ticket (or calendar) and the discounted price, if any applicable to multiple ticket (or calendar) purchases.Simple encouragement, praise and enthusiasm will go a long way in motivating your group.That person shall be known as the "affiliate group official representative".All calendar raffles must be pre-approved by the state before conducting.Is this your groups only fundraiser for the year, or a supplement?Gather smaller prizes such as gift certificates for secondary prizes.For a Class A raffle ticket all raffle tickets (and calendars) shall be identical in form and include: The number of the license, the name and address of the sponsoring organization.Raffle fundraisers can be very successful fundraisers for a variety of organizations.Within 7 days of the completion of the raffle.Keep records of which tickets will be given to which sellers.Advanced sale - need not be present to win.(While youre at it, get the ticket printing donated as well!).How can you sell the most tickets possible?
Now if they win this raffle, theyll just have to take some vacation time and.