promotional contest ideas

The key takeaway from these examples is to join in ideal shape coupon code on conversations that are already happening, and put a spin on it that makes sense for your brand.
This type of Facebook offer can be run for longer period of time than any other type of Facebook contest or promotion, it just depends how long you want the maui golf discounts offer to be valid for.Consider running a "why should you win" essay contest.Heres what they do: they announce the contest in the description of their Facebook Live, and mention it at the beginning of the broadcast.Contest and Giveaway Partnerships.Different options that you have for running a referral contest include rewarding all users who refer over a certain number of people, or simply rewarding the entrant who has the top number of referrals.Instead of nominating yourself, contest entrants nominate someone they know who meets the criteria of the contest.Then request users to submit their favorite name for your mascot.Cute baby photo contests are great for different types of businesses looking to engage their audience, and can be run at various times of the year including: Easter Halloween Christmas.Whatever it is, if it's a prize that's really compelling you might want to consider doing a "why should you win" video contest.Couples shared their unique wedding plans, and users vote on who wins 15,000 to put towards their wedding.That way you can ensure that everyone who enters is actually interested in your business, and not just an Amazon gift certificate.Simply ask a question, give fans a few answers to choose from, and then select your winner from among the entrants.If running a holiday giveaway, remember to try and include the name of the season in the title of the contest so people will know it's seasonal.Take a look at this example photo contest run by the company UrDOgs: They were able to generate over 2300 entries and a ton of engagement.While running a social contest may seem like an overwhelming task at first blush, there's a multitude of tools and plugins available to make setting up such giveaways a snap.Fun Contest Idea #43: Back to School Contest There's one occasion that has kids screaming, teachers scrambling, and parents ready to buy a slew of new products for the year to come.The app is able to then pull in the contestants name, email and profile travel voucher form army link automatically through Facebook, so no extra work is required on your part.All this contest requires is a photo contest, some brand recognition, and a breakdown of exactly what people will be getting if they do become your next spokesperson.Take advantage of this by running a back to school contest.Photo Contests require entrants to submit a photo in order to win a prize.