oceania dx contest 2014

34 PJ2CC 1980 multi-multi 37,760,742 15, N4RV N4MM K3EST W3AZ.
Or DIE ref., Name of the Isl., QRZ of the activation, Date, Time, RST, QSO, and the Points.
Data following the category are: callsign (operator year of operation and total score.
Select Filter, year, cQ WW SSB - All YearsCQ WW SSB Contest - 2016CQ WW SSB Contest - 2015CQ WW SSB Contest - 2014CQ WW SSB Contest - 2013CQ WW SSB Contest - 2012CQ WW SSB Contest - 2011CQ WW SSB Contest - 2010CQ.72 K3LR 2015 multi-multi 31,602,915 12,.0 K3LR N2NC N5UM W3CDG.63 PJ9E 1996 multi-multi 32,588,850 13, KB2XZ N3ED K3EST WA3.100 UP2L 2013 multi-TWO 27,846,478 11,.0 R8AA R9IR RA9HTN RM9.5 D4C 2013 multi-multi 59,424,324 19,.0 I4UFH IZ4DPV IK1HJS.98 VP9AD 1991 multi-multi 28,086,030 15, VP9AD W3MA G4CNY N3A.36 PJ2T 2013 multi-multi 37,252,749 16,.0 G3NKC G4XUM K8LEE.Rank, call, year, category, score, qSOs,.Iota (example 30RC/O007 (EU080 Ø or DX Activations from any radio DX Group.The log must be send preferentally by E-mail, to the QSL Manager before the Or by mail post: Rosi (30 RC 666) x xinzo ourense -spain penality : Too many duplicate contact will entail to the disqualification.Continent -AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaOceania, zone -Zone download template voucher mikrotik 01Zone 02Zone 03Zone 04Zone 05Zone 06Zone 07Zone 08Zone 09Zone 10Zone 11Zone 12Zone 13Zone 14Zone 15Zone 16Zone 17Zone 18Zone 19Zone 20Zone 21Zone 22Zone 23Zone 24Zone 25Zone 26Zone 27Zone 28Zone 29Zone 30Zone 31Zone 32Zone 33Zone 34Zone 35Zone 36Zone 37Zone 38Zone 39Zone.76 PJ2T 2012 multi-multi 30,868,620 14,.8 DL5RDO DL5RDP DK8YY.89 EF8R 2010 multi-multi 29,023,327 12,.0 EA8AH EA8EW EA8CAC.90 KH7R 2002 multi-multi 28,795,122 13, KL7Y WL7E WA2GO K9PG.28 VP2E 2004 multi-TWO 40,907,104 16,.0 KC5EA N5AU N5TJ K5MR.54 KH7R 1999 property tax rebate checks new york multi-multi 33,588,440 14,.0 KH7R KH6ND AH6OZ K9P.85 PJ9JR 1978 multi-multi 29,211,300 14, K3EST K3NA K3RT W3AZ.
39 PJ9B 1997 multi-multi 36,656,640 14, K1DG K2SB KB2XZ N3BB.
10 points : with an activation.