obfuscated code contest example

Entries that do not make it are deleted and forgotten; the contest states that being announced on the ioccc website is the award for winning.
Worst abuse of the rules.This is a result of the contest being a "parody of the software development process".4, why not use the program to hide another program in the program?An example is the world's shortest self-reproducing program.For example, some"s from 2004 winners include: To keep things simple, I have avoided the C preprocessor and tricky statements such as "if "for "do "while "switch and "goto".5, the program implements an 11-bit.C -o banks -ditxk_Page_Up -ddtxk_Page_Down -dupxk_Up -ddnxk_Down -dltxk_Left -drtxk_Right -dcsxk_Return -Ddt0.02 -lm -lX11 -L/usr/X11R6/lib See also Notes and references International grenco science coupon code Obfuscated C Code Contest years page Best great wolf lodge pa discount codes 2015 Calculated Risk ioccc 2004 - Best abuse of the Periodic table ioccc 2004 - Best abuse of Indentation.This is regarded as a high honor.Rules, each year, the rules of the contest are published on the ioccc website.24th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2015) burton dogon duble endoh1 endoh2 endoh3 endoh4 hou howe mills1 mills2 muth schweikhardt yang 23rd International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2014) birken deak endoh1 endoh2 maffiodo1 maffiodo2 morgan sinon skeggs vik wiedijk 22nd International Obfuscated C Code Contest.U: W: h: J m15*F/l; can i contest my divorce c(IM/ l,l*H I*Ma*X H A*rv*X-F*l(.1X*4.9/l,t T*m/32-I*T/24 S; KF*M( h* 1e4/l-(T E*5*T*E 3e2 S-X*d-B*A;.63 /l*d; X( d*l-T/S.19*E a *.64J/1e3 )-M* v A* Z l K Wd; sprintf(f, "5d 3d" "7d p l /1.7 C9E3 O*57.3)0550 int)i.45-14/l* X-a*130-J*.14 125e2F.Fuscare, to darken fuscus, dark.
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