multi sweep

Wolf-Garten Multi-Star Multi-Sweep Leaf Rake, clear lawns, beds and gravel effortlessly, or spread turf or new grass evenly.
Expect excellent performance in any of the following indoor and outdoor applications, Building sites, Roadways, Coal yards, Lumber yards, Grain stores, Recycling Waste facilities, Concrete plants, Joinery, Building material retailers, Aggregates, Docks, Breweries and bottling plants, Transport Logistics yards, Landscaping and sports fields to mention but a few.Visit the Demo DVD section of the site to see for yourself the capeabilities of these sweepers.This type of riser is the strongest and most durable, designed specifically for the type of forces the sweep blade encounters.Save time and money with discount skatewear reviews a MultiSweep detachable sweeper that connects to any forklift, tele-handler, tractor, loader or skid steer loader.MultiSweep already enjoys wide market acceptance in 15 countries and is a growing brand in North America. .Other Images, quality guaranteed! Thats right.No stabilizing rings are required due to the strength of this design.While it will not provide the vertical movement in the batch that our helical design does, it will move the product off the wall to provide improved heat transfer and eliminate dead zones in the batch. They attach in as little as one minute to any Forklift, Tele-handler, Tractor or Loader and Skid Steer Loaders. DON'T worry!Availability: In Stock.29.