just had membrane sweep

You may experience some slight spotting of blood, cramps or irregular contractions immediately afterwards.
Membrane sweeping for induction of labour.If you don't want a sweep and don't want your labour induced, you may prefer to try sf raffle winner 2014 some natural ways to get labour started.My waters broke the next day and I had to be induced.She told me that this sweep would possibly not put me in labor so I have to make a visit and try this again next week.I was going to have on at 40 weeks but the children's place coupon code november 2015 my cervix was not even marriott friends and family discount code 2014 anywhere near ready for it, so the midwife didn't.Rest assured that it doesn't increase the risk of infection for you or your baby.I had this sweep done with my second child when I was at 39 week, I was already 2cm dilated and the midwife stripped at 10am morning and the contractions started at 7 pm evening, my girl was born the very next morning.But if you're past your due date and you don't have a high-risk pregnancy, a membrane sweep might be very effective and safe to help put you into labor naturally.In United Kingdom every one out of five females are induced with artificial pain for delivery.I had mine stripped when I was at 39 weeks, the sweep was done on Monday morning and the midwife told me that I could go into labor within 2 to 3 days.After these contractions I went to the hospital with my cervix dilated at 4cm, the contractions were irregular so as per the recommendations of my doctor; I walked for 40-45 minutes and the cervix becomes fully dilated, my baby boy was then born after pushing.