instagram lottery giveaway

You should set a specific (and unique!) hashtag for this so that you can easily track your entries, plus add an element of skill to the competition by asking people to caption their regram with 25 words or less.
You will also gamedealdaily code not working obviously need to decide on what you want to give away.Reposting photos is fine - but when you ask users to tag others randomly in their content, its a no-no.Creating your Instagram contest around a product or service your followers really want is a great way to show that youre listening to what your community has to say.You must also acknowledge that the giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram or associated with.Make sure you establish what the guidelines are for entering the contest, and make that clear on your promotional materials.If - for legal reasons or otherwise - you need a giant rules wall of text, drop it on a subfolder on your webpage and link to it in your bio.Now that you've got a solid plan in place, its time to promote the heck out of your contest.Hands down, the easiest way to quickly get more followers on Instagram is to host an Instagram contest.Note: Check out Instagrams Promotion guidelines and make sure to comply with their rules.It makes it easier to track your entries and also see how many entries youre getting, which may be a KPI youve set for this campaign.Ensure you make it very clear who is eligible to enter, what they need to do to participate and when the competition closes and the winner(s) will be announced.7) Create terms conditions.