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I've been purchasing her pieces for years and receive so many compliments. .In CA "I feel great wearing Charity Clarity Jewelry. .I check it often to read my horoscope, and I love reading the stories.My favorite is my 'Goddess Necklace which I wear with matching earrings.".Jan Masters in FL "It's as if the jewelry is alive.I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told.I purchased a jade necklace for a friend who says she receives compliments all the time.".You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.My husband thinks they are incredible, too!She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.They are attracted to both their beauty AND the energies they generate.".I can wear different ones with different outfits, and I get compliments every time!".Joan De Souza in CA your watches are so original. .peace, love, and light!Jackie Simmons in CA "I love my jasper onyx necklace. .In CA "Harriette's jewelry is absolutely beautiful!When each piece I've ordered arrived, I was stunned by its e photos on the website didn't do them justice. .The pictures don't do them justice at all!Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States.I have several necklaces, earrings and watches, and always receive compliments. .
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