how to win a eating contest pizza

Your stomach capacity doesnt matter if your jaw cant chew it all so it can be swallowed.
An hour later after getting out of bed, go ahead and drink a protein shake, meal replacement shake, yogurt, or some other type of non-solid breakfast.Your taste buds will be a lot happier if you do this because you will get to kith discount code experience different flavors during different parts of the challenge.It would be very helpful for the team though if you both enjoy both toppings because you will be eating the pizza as a team, and not individuals.After allowing a few minutes to let the food settle, drink water until you can feel your stomach stretch.If you or a partner has bitten into a particular piece, obviously that person has claimed that piece.After analyzing the size of your opponent, you must then consider your individual capacities.Have that person take a short break while everyone else continues to eat.Comments, when you're feeling down, what *genuinely* makes you feel a ton better?Before you begin planning the precise strategy you will use for your team pizza challenge, you need to make sure your team will be fighting a battle that it can win.Then workout around 4-5 pm, and you will be ready to dominate your competition!If he or she does have a quitting attitude, you may want to find a new partner.Even if four 5-star eaters that can each eat 12 lbs fundraising sample letters raffle prizes by themselves team up together against a 50 lb team pizza challenge, they most likely wont win because 48 does not equal.Hopefully the video answers most of your questions, and sorry this is not finished yet.After an hour of letting your food digest, you want to start drinking water which will help your body process and metabolize the food faster and more efficiently.You may also want to check out our How To Win A Team Food Challenge article that better explains how to strategize for other team challenges that involve foods other than pizza.Since your competition is so late in the day, you will want to eat a lighter solid breakfast.If one person starts feeling sick, its okay to take a short break.
You want to be feeling strong when you take that first delicious bite!