how to do a side swept dutch braid

You want to add large sections into the top and very small sections into the bottom strand as you braid.
Supplies youll need: hairbrush, a win a free xbox one console small elastic, optional hairspray, time Needed: 2-3 minutes, skill Level: Easy, step.
Start by brushing your hair out, then take and divide your hair so you have 2/3 on one side and will start your braid with the other 1/3.
Cute hair always looks better with cute clothes, right?!If you try it out and want to share photos, I would love to see! .I hope youll come back to my blog again soon!Braids hold better in hair that has a little texture.At first, I had no idea what to call this hairstyle.Today I want to share with you a style that I just love for myself right now a side swept Dutch braid. .I always feel so much more put together when I change out of the mommy yoga pants and have a cute outfit to put on too! .Stretch the braid out!This style is great for shorter hair and hair with layers like mine.Bring the left section under the middle then the left under the right.Gently pull the edges of your braid (called pancaking) to give one raffles place bar singapore you a more full braid this gives you a softer and more mature look.Cross this section under the middle as well bringing it into the braid.Its so important and makes your braid look much thicker and wider.
I find they work well in all hair types and hold better than French braids.