how to do a giveaway on etsy

Collaborate with other sellers, collaborating with other sellers is one of my favorite ways to increase traffic to your Etsy shop.
2) Keep your fans engaged: Remember that content is king on social media.
The more followers and engagement the wonderland online free gifts better, but it doesnt come without a price.
I recommend finding a seller who is marketing to a similar target audience.He has a very dedicated following (as you can see from the comments) since I think the ask is pretty big.Try out something new for your Etsy shop.Participate in a craft show or vendor event.Don't give away junk. One of the entry qualifications should be to follow the Instagram accounts for you and the seller youre collaborating with.Free Pinterest Marketing for Makers and Designers class. .See the full interview here.Let's face it, a giveaway costs a shop owner money: the cost of the item, the cost of shipping the item to the winner, etc. .That gives promotional contest ideas potential new audiences double the chances to find you. I compare an email list to a savings account.Winner will be announced December.(Literally, the stories are right there when you open up the app).No one can give you more valuable feedback than your audience, particularly when trying to figure out what they want.