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Readers can search by genre, but its far easier to just browse.
Not even my beloved Google.Melissa Storm was born with a fountain pen grasped firmly in her left hand (true story).Ive pasted the giveaway description that works best for my book to give you an idea.Goodreads recommends running giveaways for 2 weeks, I dont.On the giveaway list, there were several pages of giveaways ending on one specific day, which means mine never got to the top of the list and didnt garner much attention.Dont set-up the giveaway and click for it to start immediately.I like to send a message congratulating them for the win and telling them when the copy will be mailed out.More reviews higher popularity.Alex Kosmitoras might not have a magic wand or vampiric strength and speed, but he is a totally swoon-worthy hero that any mom would be proud to let her daughter date.During that giveaway 1479 people requested my book, which wasnt too bad, but it wasnt too good either.Reach out to winners.The more popular you are, the more prominently your giveaway will be listed.I then took averages for a consistent measure of success.Between running the giveaway and using Goodreads pay-per-click advertising program (more to come on that later) plus admittedly using my online platform, I was able to get around 600 people to mark my debut novel as to-read before it ever came castrol rebate form 2014 out.US, CA, GB US, CA, GB US, CA, GB All countries.5 All countries All countries Tips for running an effective Goodreads giveaway.That was because I was ending giveaways on very popular days (around Christmas time).Goodreads goes through an approval process which can take a couple days.If readers want a synopsis, they can easily click over to your book listing on Goodreads to learn about.In my lovely table, youll notice that the average copies added drops off steeply somewhere in the middle of my experimentation.The better each of these is, the better your giveaway will.I immediately saw the value in these giveaways and decided to study them for optimal results.
Deliver on your commitment, and send the book as quickly as you can.