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Local rescuers had given him the cats but became suspicious when Appolonia requested additional cats.
I don't want to give up my dog.
If the potential adopter doesnt live near you, ask a rescue in the town where s/he lives to visit the home.To keep your animals safe, you have to be prepared to take them back and let the adopter know that you will take the animal back if it doesn't work out.Ask for references : Call the references and ask if the family has taken good care of their current or past pets.Maybe your dog doesn't get along with their current dog.In 2007, Anthony Appolonia of Aberdeen, NJ, confessed to torturing and killing 14 cats and kittens, many of whom came from local "free to a good home" advertisements in the newspaper.Have the adopter sign a pet adoption contract.Is an animal rights attorney and Director of Legal Affairs for the Animal Protection League.In 1998, the aforementioned Class B dealer Barbara Ruggiero and two accomplices were found guilty of felony grand theft of dogs in Los Angeles, CA, after they answered hundreds of "free to a good home" ads and then sold the dogs to laboratories, to be used.Rescues often have volunteers to help gifted and talented certification indiana you facilitate your adoption and put your mind at ease.Maybe a family member has a previously unknown allergy.Tinkerbell has been missing for a massive 262 days!Ask for a vet reference : Call their current or past veterinarian and ask about the family's other pets and how well they were cared for.You may have taken all of the important steps, but the pet may not be a good match for this family.Because they dont want to deal with the paperwork and systems these sites have put in place to protect their animals.The dog's behavior is completely normal.Abuse Torture, sick and amoral people cannot always be spotted on looks alone.The pair went home with a small white mixed breed who was immediately thrown into a ring with a fighting dog and killed.M offers boilerplate adoption contracts that can be downloaded and printed out.With reputable databases such as Petfinder and all the breed rescue sites, why would someone even be looking on Craigslist?Many dogs find it comforting to be in an enclosed space.Appolonia admitted to torturing the cats before drowning them and pled guilty to 19 counts of animal cruelty.
You can always waive the fee if you find someone you truly trust.
In dogfighting, dogs are trained to be vicious and trained to attack other animals, so-called "bait" animals.