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A red ribbon runs horizontally across the middle of the gift certificate and a big red bow sits festively at the right end of the ribbon.
Download Page: Dollar Sign Gift Certificate Template slide 4 of 7, valentine's Day Gift Certificate Valentine's Day is always filled with gift giving.
Microsoft Publisher Templates - Award Certificates: A template built using MS Publisher is a desktop publication that has been designed and setup so that each time it is opened it's overall design, appearance and publication type remains consistent.If you want to use this certificate for personal giving you can when to contest a ticket delete this text box by clicking on the border of it to select it and press the.There are Authorized By, Certificate Number and Expiration Date lines at the bottom of the certificate and larger For, From and Amount lines near the center as well.Why not use MS Word?This is the message conveyed by this template.There is also a text box beneath the cake picture into which you can type your business information.Authorized By, Certificate Number and, expiration Date lines at the bottom of the certificate as well as larger.MS Publisher differs from Word in that the emphasis is based on page layout and design rather than on composing and proofing text.For, From and, amount lines near the center.Download Page: Basic Elegant Template slide 7 of 7 Birthday Gift Certificate Templates A gift certificate can be general, such as the previous template, or quite specific, such as this template that produces a bright, cheery birthday-themed certificate.The gift certificate has a two-toned green border.Written by: Tricia Goss edited by: Michele McDonough updated: 1/31/2015 slide 1 of 7, each of the following gift certificate templates are compatible with Publisher 2003, 2007 or 2010.You can change the background and use a different image, color or texture or you can remove the background completely.There is a text box centered at the top of the certificate with sample text that you can replace with your business name, address and other contact information.Often people will use Word to create their publications but Publisher is far easier, quicker and far less frustrating to use.Download Page: Birthday Gift Certificate Templates We Also Recommend.
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The words Gift Certificate, in the same color as the icing, run across the top of the certificate.