gift certificate expiry date law

Before Purchasing a Gift Card or Gift Certificate, Ask the Following Questions: Will the business close?
If fees are charged, notice in writing either on the card or the card packaging is required.
No fees if not printed or information is not included.
All eligible gift 6 flags hurricane harbor discounts cards reloadable or not that have 5 or less remaining value may be redeemed for cash.Does not cover prepaid telephone cards; different rules apply to general use prepaid cards.A gift certificate or gift card without an expiration date is valid until it is redeemed or replaced.21California Civil Code section 1749.5(b 2).Further, any gift certificate sold after January 1, 1997, is redeemable in cash for its cash value, or subject to replacement with a new gift certificate at no cost to the purchaser or holder.New Mexico : No expiration for five years and no expiration unless proper notice given.No fees except for purchasing the card itself.No fees with one exception.25 No court has ruled on the effectiveness of this law.If the recipient can only redeem the gift certificate or gift card for merchandise, or for a particular kind or class of merchandise, does this affect your decision to purchase or give the certificate or card?Although gift cards and gift certificates can be great gift ideas for friends and family, not all are the same.Arkansas : No inactivity fees within the first two years.Does not cover loyalty or rewards cards, prepaid phone cards or other reloadable prepaid cards.