game show like supermarket sweep

"Mystery TV Product" (Value: 250, 300 if a movie) Runners tried to find a product using clues displayed on three television monitors in the market.
Reruns continued until August 11, 2006, by which time PAX had been rebranded as i: Independent Television (later changed to Ion Television ).
This included "You Can't Lose!" (which featured former teams who lost during their first appearance "Tournament of Heroes" (featuring teams of military members) and "Family Week".If three animals were given, there was a rule in which they would answer by making a raspberry-blowing sound if it did not belong to any of the three animals."Super Sandwich" (Value: 200) Three tables were placed at one side of the market, each set up with the ingredients for a submarine sandwich: roll, meats, cheeses, lettuce, condiments, etc.Saturday Night Fever, the 1977 blockbuster that made John Travolta a mega-star and brought disco into the mainstream.The contestant with the closest bid, without going over, won the item and the round.What's especially impressive is that it did this despite being rated R and thus (theoretically) inaccessible to teenagers, the very audience that a disco movie would (theoretically) appeal.The flavors also had to be dispensed in a certain order.Question types edit Contestants were asked a series of questions, usually with specific brands of grocery items as answers; each question was worth 10 seconds.We can tell by the way you use your walk that you're a fan.Stunts were replaced with questions and pricing segments based upon specific topics, which were puns relating to their content.Runners moved the items (from the floor or from another team's table or cart) to their own table/cart, one at a time."Im delighted that Fremantle where to give away guinea pigs has made the exciting decision to bring back this classic game show, and I look forward to working with their talented teams around the world. .Saturday Night Fever came out, the backlash had started and the trend was on its way out.Badham ellen spa giveaway now had to have the actors re-dub the dialogue (since the version he'd recorded was tainted by "Lowdown what's more, he had to find a new song that would fit the choreography and tempo of the dancing.Teams were also penalized for running cupcake wars contestants 2012 into supermarket displays, cameramen or any other personnel."Fruit Fantasy" Putting certain quantities of lemons, apples, oranges, and grapefruits into a fruit basket, to be picked up in the market's produce section.The contestant who guessed the closest amount got an additional 15 seconds added to their 1:30 bank for the second part of the game show, which featured the husbands racing up and down grocery store aisles filling their carts with as many products as possible.Avildsen, whose previous film was Rocky.PAX from April 5, 1999, to March 31, 2000 and later from April 3, 2000, to May 23, 2003, with reruns airing until March 26, 2004.
A toss-up question (usually a rhyming couplet) was asked with a particular product as the answer.