free throw contest halftime

This could be an overnight trip.
Most gymnasiums have a loudspeaker.The school officials should be contacted before the opening of the fall session so they may plan for the free throw contest in htc depot coupon code their program.District contest: District Director will select his own date, with the approval of his State Director but prior to his State Contest.Not only are the participants involved in a wholesome, individual contest, but the parents, friends, classmates, teachers, and the community, as a whole, are included.If you have an exhibition at half-time of a high school basketball game, have three officials under each basket wearing their striped shirts.Appoint one or two people who will have basketballs available and will look after and return them upon completion of this contest.Start your publicity four weeks prior to the school contest, get out your posters showing the time, date and location of your Subordinate Lodge Contest.These contests could be conducted during regular physical education classes, at noontime or after school.Never try to conduct a contest or complete a contest during the halftime of any basketball game.From experience it has been found that by close observance of the rules and regulations a successful contest is the result, thereby eliminating controversy, disappointment and/or dissatisfaction.Dates, location, time and place are to be coordinated with the regional director.Also, inform all State Elk Association Publications of date, location, etc.Contestant cannot bounce the ball more than four times between shots.You must notify these Subordinate Lodge Directors in writing of the location and date of your District Contest so they will know when they must conclude their contest.You can buy beads in bulk and have the players make unique key fobs for their supporters.