finland wife carrying competition

The minimum weight of the wife to be carried is 49 kilos.
World champions vpk voucher naples fl edit 2017 Taisto Miettinen (Finland) and Kristiina Haapanen (Finland 68 seconds.A new mobile phone.Urho Wife Carry for Charity Challenge).The male presenter claimed this was a first.Lastly, there was the idea that Rosvo-Ronkainen trained his thieves to be "faster and stronger" by carrying big, heavy sacks on their backs, which could have eventually evolved to a sport because of the hard labor (endurance) and muscle strengthening, which most sports ensure.Have a wacky idea for a competition?"Estonians romp home in wife-carrying contest".Asia edit Ecorun India, a society for creating environmental awareness organized Wife Carrying Race in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, Asia on January 1, 2011.21 See also edit References edit English, Nick (16 November 2016).It seems that wife carrying competitions have spread from their origins in Finland to become a global phenomenon. .The surface of the track is partially sand, partially grass and partially asphalt.History of Wife Carrying, the idea of the Wife Carrying Competition is Sonkajärvis very own.However, the Estonians often dominate the Finnish championships, which only encourages the yearly competition to reach new heights.Teams from all over the world travel to take part in this annual event. .So if you are bored with the typical Mud Run Obstacle Courses, why not give Wife Carrying a whirl?
And the prize for the longest throw?