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The EU is represented as a unified entity in the World Trade Organization (WTO the G-20 and G7, alongside with the EU's member countries participating.
Retrieved 6 November 2007.But that would fall short of creating a free trade area based on the UK itself.At the moment, the UK is the third largest net contributor, after Germany and France, to the EU budget.Jonathan Eaton is a Briton living in the Netherlands with his wife, who is Dutch.Are other countries likely to leave the EU and if so could we start a new free trade area, asks David John.What were their reasons for wanting the UK to stay?Media playback is unsupported on your device.This became an issue in the referendum debate after the Leave campaign claimed the money Britain sends to the EU, which it claimed was 350m a week, could be spent on the NHS instead.Notably the Baltic states have achieved high GDP growth, with Latvia topping 11, close to China, the world leader at 9 on average for the past 25 years (though these gains have been in great part cancelled by the late-2000s recession ).Of course, anyone born in Northern Ireland has an absolute right to carry both passports.But Greenland, one of Denmark's overseas territories, held a referendum in 1982, after gaining a greater giving away old stuff degree of self government, and voted by 52 to 48 to leave, which it duly did after a period of negotiation.Image copyright Getty Images Kevin Connolly says: At the moment UK passports carry the words European Union and British driving licences have the blue square with yellow flags of the.It is based in Luxembourg.If it is treated as a single unit, which is not conventional in the oil markets, the European Union is the 19th largest producer of oil in the world, producing 1,241,370 (2013) barrels a day.
The former home secretary took over from David Cameron, who announced he was resigning on the day he lost the referendum.