ethan allen proxy contest

The whiteknights and the trolls were once again back.
That's the short story.Hina changed Rena's name to Bird Dog and her design, ending with a huge shit storm from overly involved fans.In the journal see says; I guess you win 4,500 if you get the most votes, if I win I'd make refunds, help my family with bills, maybe see Danielle and what ever is left give it to a friend in need, and maybe I'll.Her- or should I say HIS, name is "Ethan" or more commonly dropkick murphys banjo giveaway known as Shibutts, or by Samm as "Meagan".I told Samm, and left her, for Ryan.Apparently she couldn't take the 'drama' that she made anymore.She is always dating over the internet because she can never stay single and no one likes her fat, greasy ass irl.HinaUchi does not feel remorse and does not intend to change or apologize for her harmful actions.According to the screenshots, Samm cheated on her sex slave "because it felt good." In the screenshot Samm blatantly says they did everything lesbian except for strap-ons.After becoming suicidal and writing a sad journal she deactivated and left.Must be true love, if they can forgive each other from spreading nudes and cheating on each other like it was nothing.Kyuu/Ibee Out of the blue, Rena has suddenly decided that she's in love with this 19 year old who never gave two shits about her before now!We are fourteen and sixteen years old.I never wanted to see any harm come to her, especially at my hand.I'm not the one who wanted to comment on my portrayed attitude.She kept sending him lovey-dovey posts on his wall on Facebook, and left her Relationship status as in a relationship with him, even though his wasn't.October 2017, Volume 72, Issue.I cannot believe she said that.
It seems like I never got any kind of priority in the time I've been waiting.
I know that now, because, I don't love Samm like I thought I did.