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If the gas is "Hazardous" it will blow a alarm.
Points: Winners Contest Date Winner Runner-up 2 Monday, March 2, 2009 James BeagleEPD Other background Contest #1 Contest #2.
Device also has a LCD display which is used to display ECG waveform.Adding a video monitor the BeaglePod can also become a video player running all the audio through the car stereo with costco membership voucher uk full pause, play, stop control using the car's stereo head unit.Homepage : No homepage yet Expected results : PupLC will be an open source PLC controller.BeagleBoard Project Link: Judging Judges Jason Kridner (jkridner) Koen Kooi (koen) Dirk Behme (dirk2) Steve Sakoman (sakoman) Hunyue Yau (ds2) Mans Rullgard (mru) Gregoire Gentil (gregoiregentil) Past Judges Robert Kuhn (robertk) Rules Judges cannot participate in the contest.Contact : registrosvmora at gmail dot com PupLC Title : PupLC beagleboard.Org project : not yet Short project description : A Hardware Platform that You can use to play with Audio Synthesis Homepage : not yet Description : hApplause will be multi-functional flexible audio hardware platform.Org project : AM Short project description : ARM Port of the x86-Linux Distribution ArchLinux Homepage : ArchMobile Expected results : Fully working ArchLinux with X and all other features.Developers can use this setup for debugging kernel and applications and also downloading kernel on to the board.A hd or memory card.Contest #2, contest #2 is finished.Org project : car Assisting System with Image and Location processing Short project description : Car management to assist driver by providing model for outer environment with support of cameras, gps and other sensors.Therefore object tracking will be implemented and executed on a powerful yet low-power ARM based platform (beagleboard).Judges will determine criteria and won't be eligible for winning the contest.We are aiming to build a tablet pc with the beagle board board at its heart and a whole new range of peripherals.Homepage : http elinux.Homepage : t/reports/hbp Expected results : A device capable of Digital Voice as well as Data / Internet Access.Org project : Short project description : xbmc Is a full-feature home-theater application that works on a variety of platforms and operating systems Homepage : http xbmc.Homepage : Under Construction Expected results : 1) V-NAV: Virtual Navigator - Streaming Google Street View data according to your current location 2) ULA: Universal Language Assistant: Scan any text by positioning your fingers and the the scanned text is translated to your default language.Homepage : Expected results : For the contest: A WIP (but working) build of the emulator to show full utilization of the beagles hardware capabilities, including emulation of a 200mhz risc processor (Hitachi SuperSH4 a 33mhz ARM7tdmi with full aica DSP emulated on the C64x.
The two projects with the most votes will be approved.
Contact : p dot bronneberg plus beaglebird at gmail dot com BeaglePLC Title :PLC Dock for BeagleBoard Makes BeagleBoard a powerful Open Hardware Programmable Logic Controller for Industrial Automation.