disney world ticket giveaway on facebook 2015

Probably because people like me would break my own rule and post scam over and over and over again.
Fake pages allow users to post in the comment section of a post, but are not set up to allow users to post a new topic, picture or video.
The More You Know, we all want a free trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, a free Disney Cruise, free tickets or an awesome gift card, and unfortunately less reputable people know that.Scam pages use a variation on the name, such as Disney World instead of Walt Disney World, and will often add a period to the end of the name.Unfortunately the Travel/Leisure category is easy to fit in to, so be particularly careful to check for other signs if an unofficial page manages to gain that category description.There have been a number of Walt Disney World ticket, vacation, and trip scams being passed around lately, and they are only getting worse.Never click ANY link from a page unless you know it is official, and warn family and friends if you see them fall victim to these schemes.Official Facebook pages have a checkmark located right next to the page name in the header.Join the, im So Disney group on Facebook to discuss this and many other Disney things with anyone and everyone.And its stoneberry promo code nov 2014 not just Disney!All official Disney pages allow Facebook users to post directly to the page in a new thread.Dont let yourself get scammed or caught up in this.There are several easy ways to spot a Disney trip giveway scam, and being able to identify the differences could ultimately protect you and your personal information from identity theft or your computer from information hacking.And was reportedly founded in 1924.If not, then there is.99 chance that it is a scam.Click the three little dots in the header and a window will pop.If they havent, its a fake.That is actually in the title of the Facebook page.