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Does that go in my belly?
We have a lot to learn!
We are starting a new care plan this week with the hope that Gwen will eventually tolerate solid foods through her g-tube.
Gwen was intubated put on dialysis.Thanks for your prayers!We have some really precious photos I'll post very soon.As always, Gwen is in great spirits spreading joy to all of her friends at the hospital.We attempted again to go home, but returned almost 24 hours later.Then, again she became slightly ill on the 11th, while only spending 1 night at the hospital.As a result, she is spending most of her time at home which is not her preference.In fact, she talks about bathrooms potties whenever she can fit it into a conversation.She slept for 2 days, except for periods of time when she would wake up stare blankly toward a wall.Back to 6A West (our unit at Children's).Itsy Bitsy Spider the I Love You song from Barney (of course).Thank you SO national lottery uk millionaire raffle much to everyone who helped support our efforts!It's very difficult for Gwen to travel, so this was an ideal vacation situation where we already had hospital hotel accommodations all wrapped up in one!To help correct this, we started her on the dreaded antibiotic neomycin which has now caused her chronic constipation to turn to diarrhea.Class mottos and"s, aion addons, passport invitation template.As always, she was a real trouper never cried even though she felt terrible.She's finally gone down for a nap around 1:30.Allison is fine now, but it was a very scary experience for her family.
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