create raffle tickets in publisher

Now, let's create the Publisher document, or ticket, using a Publisher ticket template to simplify the example: In Publisher, choose New from the File menu.
Fear not, though, you'll find instructions here: latest: Instructions for printing raffle tickets with Word 2016 (Mac and PC).Figure G, click the Next: Create merged publications link at the bottom of the pane.Print the numbered tickets At this point, you're ready to load your card stock into the printer and print the tickets.You probably want 4 raffle tickets per page, so if you are printing on A4 then set the size to 20cm wide x 7cm high, with 1cm margins: If you are printing on Letter size paper, then use.5" wide,.5" high and margins.For instance, if you want your next batch of tickets to start with 112, you'd open the workbook and change the value 100 to 112, and update the remaining values accordingly.If the ticket is a single page, accept the default setting of 1 sheet.In this case, that's Sheet1 (.Instructions for printing raffle tickets with older versions of Word for.If skipped to bottom, walmart discount center for employees then maybe consider trying this online tool to design and print your own raffle tickets without battling with Excel and Publisher!Figure B, enter tickets numbers into an Excel sheet.Print them at home, as many as you need.Figure J Click Print Preview to check the settings.Merging a Publisher document to generate sequential numbers is easy.Here are the step-by-step instructions: stop press: You can use this online tool to design and print your own raffle tickets (Or read on to learn how to do it manually in Publisher!).Create your raffle ticket in Publisher.We want all the numbers (.Figure K Click Close to return to the ticket document (not necessary in 20).