council tax rebate for parkinson's

Cathrine found out about the SMI discount by chance, from a worker who fitted a care alarm in her mum's house.
Fill the form in and send it off to your council.
If you send them separately, photocopy the form and send that with the letter too, so quiz games and win prizes theres no confusion.The investigation revealed a shocking difference in the number of people claiming the discount.She can speak, but she struggles with her memory.Theres no need to explain why you didnt apply for a reduction earlier but youll need proof that you met the criteria for a discount at the relevant time in the past.Procedures vary by council, so if you want to know how long it will take for the discount to be applied, it's best to check with yours.You don't need to explain why you didn't apply for a reduction earlier.He said: "Thanks with your guide, I just helped my parents claim back 2,400 council tax as dad has Parkinson's.".If the person you live with doesnt claim benefits, you may need a letter from the Department of work and Pensions to clarify why they dont claim.People who are disregarded include: people who are considered to be severely mentally impaired (see below for how this can apply to people with.Suspicious deals - the law if you buy.There are different arrangements in England, Wales and Scotland.The lowest is band A and the highest is band H (A to I in Wales).It's worth noting that different councils seem to have varying interpretations of the reclaim process, but the most common way of calculating when the reclaim should be backdated to seems to be based on when the person with the SMI first started receiving a qualifying.Here's how to check if you're due the discount and how to claim.See full info on the NIdirect website.Let us know how you've got.Those triple aaa discount hertz who are medically certified as suffering from a chronic condition that impacts their intelligence and social functioning, including Alzheimers and Parkinsons are disregarded for council tax in England, Scotland and Wales.Each dwelling in Great Britain is placed on a valuation list in 1 of 8 broad valuation bands (9 in Wales).
If you lived with someone who had a mental impairment but has since passed away, you can still reclaim overpayments from when they lived with you.