costume contest blizzcon 2017

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The final competitors then enter the single-elimination bracket round for their chance to win big: 1,000,000 Prize Pool Breakdown 1st 300,000 2nd 150,000 3rd-4th 100,000 5th-6th 75,000 7th-8th 50,000 9th-12th 25,000 The winning team Ballistix Gaming showed to the world that their the real champs.
World of Warcraft Engineers Workshop The software engineers discuss what goes on under the hood and behind the scenes to bring Azeroth to life.
Abychom mohli sledovat stream pímo z Blizzconu, je poteba si koupit.Open yourself to a broader sphere of designs, aesthetic and techniques, and youll find you can do more than you thought.I would say the cosplay community at Blizzcon especially feels like family.16 players from pie eating contest puke around the world will be representing their country while they compete for a prize pool of 1,000,000 USD.She placed first in this years talent contest!Tento virtuální lístek vás vyjde na 30 euro, co je podle nás troku pehnaná cena.Way to go Splyce and congrats!500,000 Prize Pool Breakdown 1st: 200,000 2nd: 100,000 3rd-4th: 30,000 5th-8th: 15,000 9th-16th: 10,000, a big congrats to the Starcraft II winner ByuN!Kdo neuroní slziku v jeho prbhu, není fanouek Diabla.November 5th Warcraft novelist Christie Golden chats about her novels Rise of the Horde and Lord of the Clans.Developing Starcraft- The StarCraft II multiplayer designers speak about how the community helped shape the design of StarCraft.Pidávání novch hrdin je ale nezbytné, a práv zde se dozvíme kdo bude ná dalí avatar v Nexusu.Do you have any good words for creative furries?
Vechny nás zajímá kam bude Legion smovat v nadcházejících msících.