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Directional tire, optimized for snow and ice; compared to the WS 70 which this tire superseded, the tread is a bit shallower and less aggressive, and provides improved braking on ice and better dry road performance.
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The hard compound rubber tread is long wearing, but performance on ice is unimpressive.
We are are the #1 place to buy your summer tires, all-season and winter tires.Widely available and well-priced.In Canada, this tire is featured at General Motors dealers and usually well-priced when sold as part of a winter package.The Ice Zero Studded is a different tire, available with factory studs.Very limited distribution; marketed to owners of European prestige automobiles.60 Mail-in rebate when you buy four tires.Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT Price: 199 Competent handling on a wide variety of winter road surfaces.Overall grip is not high, and the tire can be unpredictable when it starts to slide at the limit of adhesion.Email us, we'll make.Hankook Winter i*Pike RS Price: 153 This tire has been on the market for a few years.Performance on snow is superior to many dedicated winter tires; the four-season rubber compound is likely a compromise on ice.Tricky mileage warranty requires the tires to be virtual free antivirus windows 8 avast banana peels before you can collect.15 years OF bringing tire prices down!Racing sport edition sport muscle SSR volk racing zinik 1,000,000 page views completed on December 29, 2009!Verified BY visa, oR mastercard, securecode.Youll be able thomas raffles adalah to keep your old Cayenne Turbo rollin on fresh Shanghai rubber as often as you like.Your #1 place FOR summer, ALL-season winter tires ottawa, ON!
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