cash 4 life winning ticket

The second prize of 1,000 a Week for Life is won by matching, in any order, the five numbers drawn from the first set of balls.
Check the official drawing results to see if you're a winner!
As with all other games offered by the Florida Lottery, all profits from Florida cash4life ticket sales will be transferred to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund to benefit education in the state.
Match just the five white balls and win 1,000 a Week for Life!The letters "CB" will indicate the Cash Ball number on your ticket.Any additional federal, state and/or local taxes shall be the responsibility of the winner.Prizes, other than top coupon code payless prizes and second prizes, can be claimed at any Florida Lottery office.Prizes less than 600 can be redeemed at any Florida Lottery retailer.If no skip occurred from 0 to 5, play Lotto numbers that are out the same number of games.Drawings are held Monday and Thursday nights at 9:00.m., Eastern Time.This informs us that it is more likely for hot numbers to hit.Between these two patterns, one shall happen in 65 of the drawings.In Florida, 80 percent of all unclaimed top prizes are transferred to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund to benefit education in the state.For Cash4Life, this signified wheeling lower than 35 digits.Balanced Wheels propel all the winning digits present in your group to combine and offer you a minimum of one prize if some of the winning numbers or all of them are in your selected group.Sharing the cost of the ticket with the others makes the budget of your Lotto lighter.Also, you may register here to receive cash4life winning numbers and other Lottery information by email medibank pet insurance promotional code or text message.Make your selections carefully, because cash4life tickets.All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable drawing date.Winning Strategies for Cash4Life, lotto Wheeling Systems, make use of a wheel to organize a bigger group of digits into sets of tickets so as to purchase a minimum prize.
The most ideal manner of wheeling all the Lotto digits in your game.
You will receive a ticket printed with your numbers, drawing date(s and total cost of the ticket.