can i contest my divorce

It is an optional form (you do not have to use it but you may find it helpful in making sure you do not leave anything out of your request.
Divorce is governed by state laws, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the general litigation process is similar - as well as costly and potentially contentious - in every state.
Click to find out what to do next.Instead, each of you has to serve a copy of all the completed forms on the other.You may have received your spouses or domestic partners preliminary declaration of disclosure already.Make at least 2 copies of all your forms One copy will be for you; another copy will be for your spouse or domestic partner.All states provide for "no-fault" divorce, in which "irreconcilable differences" or some other generalized condition is given as the reason for the divorce.Regardless of odds against success, spouses sometimes contest divorces in the hope of a change of heart by the other spouse; or they contest them to be nasty; or they contest them just to buy time.If the petition is false or misleading, then the opposing spouse may contest the petition's stated grounds for divorce by filing her own document.Form FL-105/GC-120 video instructions ).You keep the original of your disclosure forms.If tory burch outlet chicago the wife is seeking more than half of the assets, the husband may disagree with her goal for the division of property without disagreeing with her basis for filing the divorce.You DO need to file with the court a form called the Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure ( Form FL-141 ).Divorce is never easy, but we can help.Even if they do not help with divorces, they probably help with child support and spousal/partner support issues, so you can at least ask questions about filling out the Income and Expense Declaration ( Form FL-150 ).In addition to advancing an affirmative defense, a receiving spouse may file a counter-petition citing his own reasons for a divorce.This is the affirmative defense of provocation.The document will state the defenses to the wrongful allegations listed in the original petition.You cannot have such grounds overturned in court; if this is the case, you can only contest the proposed terms.How to Contest a Divorce Petition in Indiana.And if you and your spouse or domestic partner are likely to have disagreements about these issues, what you write on your financial disclosure documents can affect the outcome of the case.