can i claim childcare vouchers for more than one child

What happens if I want to use a different carer?
Parents who receive support through tax credits or, later, the universal credit will not be able to use the vouchers.Is this worse than the existing voucher scheme?For more information about registered or approved childcare visit /leaflets/ir115.pdf, no, so long as your carer is a formal or registered carer, then survivor contestant death 2014 you need change nothing.The vouchers are also not offered by all employers, meaning that many people miss out.If you joined the scheme after 6th April 2011 then the guidelines below apply.If you are a basic rate taxpayer you can save tax and NI totalling up to 933 per year and if you are a higher rate taxpayer then you can save up to 1,225 per year.Technically this is a change to terms and conditions of employment.On the other hand, families with many children are more likely to benefit from the new scheme, as the system works on a per-child basis rather than per parent.Your employer will invite you to do this at the time their scheme gets going.How will it affect my childcare provider?Tax-free childcare will be launched early next year, and childcare vouchers will then be withdrawn in 2018.Any voucher benefit left over will be refunded to your employer who will pay it to you minus any tax and NI due.Register all your providers and then you choose which one you pay, how much and when.Can I use childcare vouchers on top of the Local Authority childcare assistance for three and four year olds?Does my childcare provider have to accept payment using electronic vouchers?No, you'll still be paying enough NI contributions on your new lower salary (unless your earnings fall below the lower earnings limit (LEL).) How will Childcare Vouchers affect my tax credits?Yes, both parents can receive vouchers if they are working.There are no eligibility checks anyone who is a parent or has responsibility for a child is eligible.You can use any formal or registered carer at any time and use your Rascals account to pay them.How will it work?
Those who will lose out under the new scheme include families where one parent works and the other doesnt they can claim vouchers, but will be ineligible for tax-free childcare.