body painting competition 2014

We will then create our own personal beaches!
Team Name: 4618- CN Robotics, robot Function, to compete in the jenson usa promo code jan 2015 First Robotics Competition.
And we will play picture matching games in which we match continents to their picturesthe Statue of Liberty and yellow taxis belong to North America!
Educational Activities: Feel the rhythm!Puzzles/Matching game variety of the puzzles from cut up artworks will be created to match the detail with the whole, finding the differences or simply putting together.We will each have a chart and tick off what clouds we have found.The ball can be retrieved from the ground or a teammate, ejected, or thrown at a variety of targets.We intake balls through the back of the robot using 2 motors with locking transmissions to not hold the ball but how to win iphone 5 for free in malaysia secure it into place during high speed runs with the ball.The robot completes this calculated flight path and the light painting is recorded by a long exposure camera.The arm and roller can eject the ball, or be moved out of the way to allow it to be launched.Music: We will sing songs like Old MacDonald, Bingo, Incy Wincy Spider and,What we can Sea under the Sea,Mister Octopus,1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.Nature has a rhythm.Picasso; a little different We will learn about: We will explore body proportions through the variety of contemporary art techniques, materials and methods.Group Members, ian Berlot-Attwell, description of Robot, the robots are essentially small mobile computers with an array of sensors, communication and navigation hardware.I had a team of three collegues helping me and it still took us 7 hours to execute the detailed designs.For the design of the robotic car, we wanted to ensure that the structure supported heavy weights picked up and still maintain a decent speed.But it was all worth. .Lets see if we can get in sync with it!The robot achieves this through 3 stages which are: In-taking the ball into the robot through a rotating shaft with wheels Holding the ball in a loading area while moving Out-taking the ball either by shooting through a wheeled shooter or through the rotating shaft.Arts Crafts Activities: We will create our own board game.
Last tuesday I had one of the most interesting body painting commissions I have had so far.