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If you are interested in hearing more you can check out our website m or poke me ingame characters (Mercus on Alliance, or Pocket on Horde) or alternatively adding me to t - Mercus#2736Mercus0.
Every new major character sounds like Thrall, are you guys willing to open auditions for players?Groundskeeper - Gardner - Guard - Provisioner: hunting, fishing, and gathering to help feed nails inc promo code 2016 the brigade.In Character we are a group united in loyalty, overlapping goals and usefulness to each other.The store is stocked with some epic never-before-seen loot, along with some of your favorite items from BlizzCons pastcheck out our.If I type /who Bloodroar Army, for example, I would get a list of all the people online in that (fictional) guild, so I can easily whisper roka44.Just don't be evil or rude or moonlight at 'Plagues R Us' or the likes.4-the best amount of AP you can get in your weekly chest in your class order hall and a good chance on 940 or higher from the chest at the end of the dungeon, if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc.H-RP Hand of the Titans is recruiting!Recruitment is currently: Open Additional info: Although we're open to most, we would ask that anybody wishing to join have an understanding of the current story and lore of Warcraft, and also a willingness to have fun and enjoy the world as a whole.You can also post here if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.We've experimented with a amount of battlecry's for the alliance, but none of them match up with "For the Horde!".We usually keep in contact through Skype when out of the game, so though using it is not necessary, its heavily recommended if you want to stay in touch with the community (and keep up to date on all the recent in-jokes).Features of The Dark Light Friendly members with various interested in all aspects of WoW (RP to PvP) Guild Repairs Voice Communication Server Bespoke Guild Website - With Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) Monthly Give-aways - Mounts, Pets and even some RL goodies to be won.We are loosely divided into four factions within the guild, based on the primary expertise of members.Aid us in remembering these times, as we pay respect to all that we have fought for and continue to fight for but further more in a display that we regardless of races can band together in celebration of our freedom in the face.Q: You stated that you want mastery to dynamically change up your gameplay but some of them are just flat damage bonuses and aren't very exciting A: Crit makes you hit harder, Haste lets you do more things, Mastery generally makes you better at what.I'm willing to pay fair gold for it, or trade for some other psn card giveaway today rare items I have.End Evelnn-Moonglade or Gravkra-Moonglade an in game mail, we are quite often on those characters and we will try and whisper you if you are online or send a reply for an interveiw deal!Here are some of my self imposed in game - She only helps locals that require a sword, this means she doesn't do collection quest and running backwards and forwards collecting ingredients for mudpies.This is where I started RPing and where I've stayed thanks to a lot of great people.
My idea is pretty much based on groups that, in MMO terms, tend to be NPC-based, like the class guilds in ffxiv or, say, the priests of Northshire Abbey to get closer to home.
We are not a military order with very strict discipline, but we do have a command structure.