blind plea of no contest

Accordingly, in cases of all but the most minor offences, the court or the prosecution (depending upon local custom and the presiding judge's preference) will engage in a plea colloquy wherein they ask the defendant a series of rote questions about the defendant's knowledge.
Likewise, standing mute and refusing to enter any plea at all will usually be interpreted as a not guilty plea; the.
5 for Hesters sentencing.According to the report, there were 2,453 images of child pornography found on multiple externalhard drives and 31 child pornography videos found.Turner, Jenia Iontcheva (Winter 2006 Judicial Participation in Plea Negotiations: A Comparative View, 54 (1 mega discount liquors ii homestead fl The American Journal of Comparative Law,. .Special pleas in federal criminal cases have been abolished, and defenses formerly raised by special plea are now raised by motion to dismiss.She hit the brakes and put the car in reverse.In civil law jurisdictions, there is generally no concept of a plea of guilty.Although the defendant had pleaded guilty, he was not awarded a reduction in sentence because the feigned illness was considered to mean that he was not accepting responsibility for his illegal behavior.In a blind plea there is no such arrangement and it is up to the judge to determine sentencing.He entered a blind plea of no contest Monday to the remaining charges, court records state.She was talking to a friend on her cell phone, and told her friend that Mark Ridley was behind her.The concept of the plea is one of the major differences between criminal procedure under common law and procedure under the civil law system.This means Ridley has no deal with prosecutors, and a judge will determine his fate at sentencing.Plea of pardon - where he has been pardoned for the offence.Kentucky (2010 in which the Court held that defense counsel is obligated to inform defendants of the potential immigration consequences of a guilty plea.Binion, malingering or feigning illness during a competency benefit promo code 2017 evaluation was held to be obstruction of justice and led to an enhanced sentence.Ridley will be back in court at 1:30.m.7 However, this safeguard may not be very effective, because the parties, having reached a plea agreement, may be reluctant to reveal any information that could disturb the agreement.They then went to their home.Some even depicted actual sexual acts.